24 to Life

What would you do with your last 24 hours of freedom? “24 To Life” follows 16 unexpected individuals as they go through their final 24 hours before they must enter prison to serve a significant sentence for their non-violent crime. In each of the eight one-hour episodes, two seemingly average people on their final day of freedom say their goodbyes and prepare their loved ones for the years they’ll be away. The series offers a startling look at the consequences of crime and incarceration, and the devastation their sentences have wrought on their families. It’s an emotional, unexpected look inside the machinery of the criminal justice system.

World of Sound

In the vast expanse of the known earth there are an infinite amount of incredibly beautiful locations, cultures and people to experience. It is nearly impossible to see them all in one lifetime. Fortunately if you want to see what the Grand Canyon or Angkor Wat looks like and can’t travel there you need only search thousands of images on your phone to experience it. That is until you can no longer see...

Retinis pigmentosa is an inherited diseases causing retinal degeneration. One in 300 people have RP and experience a gradual decline in their vision because photoreceptor cells (rods and cones) die until they are completely blind.

Once diagnosed, seeing all the incredibly beautiful and vibrant places in the world takes on an intense sense of urgency. How will a person be able to “see” and experience their environment once their sight is gone? Enter the World of Sound. 

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Sharon Flipping Osbourne

On the one-hour special, Sharon makes a deal with a couple in Los Angeles who were looking to sell their home but had no idea who would be knocking on their door to help! She offers to put her own money into the mix to update the house, but this means she's in charge: from hiring the contractors, decorating with décor from her own warehouse to working with her favorite realtor. In the end, if they get an offer that works, she splits the profits with the seller...it's flippin' awesome!<


"What most people don't know about me is that I flip houses, and I'm damn good at it," comments Osbourne, who also serves as an Executive Producer along with her son, Jack Osbourne. "Most people don't know how to get their max price, but I do because I'm Sharon F$&:@ing Osbourne."

"Sharon Flipping Osbourne" is produced by Osbourne Media and T Group Productions and Executive Produced by Sharon Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Peter Glowski, Jenny Daly and Rob Lobl. Executive Producers for We tv are Lauren Gellert and Angela Molloy.


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I Catfished My Kid

I CATFISHED MY KID is a ground-breaking new series in which parents catfish their own children to uncover their secrets and test their decision making. Each episode follows two families as the parents use the help of our expert team to scan the web and find out what their kids have really been up to online. Taking this information (or lack of information), the parents will create an online persona to test the children who in turn may shock them, ease their minds or even prove they are just plain paranoid.  The show builds up to the final reveal: Will the kids show to a meet-up with a total stranger?